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Film Production Services in Colombia by Candelaria

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We take commissions as if these were our own projects; we have been clients too and so we know that quality goes first in a product. We are experts in budget control, legal advice, equipment rental and hiring crew, casting processes and payroll. We offer the best rates through partnerships with key suppliers in the film industry and logistics.

Film Production Services in Colombia by Candelaria

Incentives / Cash Rebate - Law 1556
Get a rebate benefit with us. Colombia offers a cash rebate or cash reimbursement for films partially or totally produced in Colombia.

What kind of projects are eligible?
Long feature films, TV movies with a broadcast of up to 2 episodes, documentaries an animation.

What are the requirements?
The project in question shall entail expenditures in film services or film logistics services of a minimum of USD 600,000. Hire production services with a Colombian company.

How much is the rebate?
40% for "film services" (services related to audio-visual pre-production, production or post-production including artistic and technical services) and 20% for "film logistics services" (those that are provided for hotel, catering, and transportation) of the amount spent in the country.

Let's do
the math
In the form below you may calculate the rebate to your project produced in Colombia. Remember that the incentive applies to projects that entail expenditures over USD $ 600,000.

To receive detailed information regarding this rebate or if you require Candelaria Films assistant to obtain the benefit from Colombian Government, please click here or at the SEND button after filling out the form.
Kind of project:
Total budget in USD:
Film services in USD:
Rebate 40% in USD
Logistics services in USD:
Rebate 20% in USD:
Total rebate in USD:

Cash Rebate for films partially or totally produced in Colombia

INFO (2014)

Find in this video how to get the incentive for the production of audiovisual projects in Colombia.

Candelaria films, helps you manage this incentive with government entities.

Runtime: 4 mins
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